God Speaks Your Love Language

God Speaks Your Love Language

How to Feel and Reflect God's Love

Dr. Gary Chapman


When you discover your primary love language, the benefits don't stop at human relationships—you'll find that your love for God and from Him is often expressed most strongly in that same language. God's love for you is evident in myriad ways, but if you ever face a dry spell spiritually, it helps to search for God's expressions of love in the form you understand best. God Speaks Your Love Language will help you feel loved and adored by your holy creator while giving you specific examples of how you can reflect that love back to Him and to other people as well. Once you understand love, it will revolutionize the way you understand life. God really does speak your love language, and this book will introduce you to that fact in a way that will redefine your life and sense of purpose in this world.

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