How to Really Love Your Adult Child

How to Really Love Your Adult Child

Building a Healthy Relationship in a Changing World

Dr. Gary Chapman, D. Ross Campbell and MD


At every stage of a child’s development, parents tend to think, “After this, it will get easier.” The truth is, with each new stage, parenting becomes different. Your child might make choices you disagree with or face trials you aren’t prepared for–and the generational gap doesn’t make it easier.

The dynamics of your relationship are complicated when your child leaves home, graduates college, gets married, starts their career, has children of their own, or does none of those things when you expected they would.

Drs. Ross Campbell and Gary Chapman, authors of The Five Languages of Children, have teamed up again to bring you this invaluable resource for handling the responsibilities and challenges that come with parenting your child who is no longer a child. In How to Really Love Your Adult Child, you’ll find excellent advice that will help you communicate effectively and be the wise, loving example they still desperately need and crave.

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