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Love just got easier.

No guessing. No hard work. Connecting with loved ones is about to change.

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Love just got easier.

No guessing. No hard work. Connecting with loved ones is about to change.


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Better Love with The 5 Love Languages Play Video

You may already know your Love Language, but you’ve never known it like this.

Discover the unique language of love that speaks directly to your heart and the hearts of those you care about. Our premium assessment goes beyond the basics, providing customized insights into your primary, secondary and even your "foreign" love languages.

In just 20 minutes, you’ll be equipped to express love in ways that truly resonate with your partner, family, and friends - and best of all, you’ll know exactly how to help all of them love you better, too.

Love (and be loved) like never before.

Your relationship deserves the very best and we've got just what you need.

Grow Closer

Put the 5 Love Languages into practice consistently with empathy and new self-awareness to avoid the slow drift apart.

Feel the Love

Know exactly how to get and keep "that loving feeling" by eliminating the guesswork in showing love and affection.

Increase Satisfaction

Help others love and appreciate you in the ways you’ve been longing for to avoid loneliness and relational discontentment.

Connect Deeper

Share your results with your partner, family, and friends, and enjoy dozens of conversation starters for deeper connections.

What's the secret?

It’s found in your personalized 5 Love Languages® report. Fifteen power-packed pages of customized insights provide you with:

  • Personalized deep-dives into each of the 5 Love Languages

  • Your current love-tank levels with loved ones

  • A customized path to less conflict and healthier connections

  • Revelations of how your personality traits interplay with your love language

  • An easy action plan for putting your Love Languages to work

  • A fun "snap shot" you can provide to others on how they can love you best

In short, enriching your relationship doesn't get better or easier than this. Start your assessment now - just $35.00

Taking the assessment

In just 20 minutes, you can receive your personalized report and begin putting into practice

  • Answer the questions online anywhere, anytime

  • Use any device, including your phone

  • 6 question types makes it engaging and fun

  • Receive your report instantly, no need to wait

  • Enjoy a "video-unpack" that walks through each page

Insights that will knock your socks off

Your Love Languages

Discover your unique combination of Love Languages and connect with others like never before.

Your Love Tank

Move the invisible gauge on your “emotional tank” to be full and running over.

Your Dialect

Help others speak your specific Love Language dialect fluently and feel the love.

Your Love Skills

Hone the skills that will help you speak the Love Languages of the people you love most.

Your Personality

Explore how your personality traits (like introvert vs extrovert) shape your Love Language experience.

Your Snapshot

Display a succinct, one-page summary of how your loved ones can keep your love tank full.

Get Started - Just $35.00

A Personal Love Coach?
How About Three?

Join Dr. Gary Chapman and Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott as they unpack each page of your report - ensuring that you get the most from this customized experience.

Free with your Premium Assessment purchase. Does it get any better?

Better Love with The 5 Love Languages Play Video

Getting started is easy


Take the Assessment

It’s quick, easy and affordable. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can enjoy the results.


Download Your Report

Your results are instantly tabulated by our algorithm and we send your report directly to you.


Dive Right In

Your assessment includes a video unpack that walks you through each page of your report.

You’ve never seen anything like it

Because nothing like this has ever existed before.

Get Started - Just $35.00